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All About Booty

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Disposable Intimate Wash + Bulb

Gentle, doctor-developed formula to safely cleanse before you play.

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starting at $29.99

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Anal Douche Powder Packs

Take pre- or post-sex cleansing everywhere (we mean everywhere).

Starting at $34.99

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Butt + Body Scrub

Quick and gentle exfoliator for a clean, radiant booty and body.


Butt + Body Soothing Cream

Instant soother to comfort and soften delicate skin down there.


Butt & Gut Pre + Probiotic

Enjoy the come-what-may confidence of a balanced, booty biome.


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Butt & Gutt Daily Fiber

The hole-istic treat that simplifies your pre-play routine.


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Scrub + Soothing Cream Kit

Soothing cream meets a gentle exfoliant in this blissful two-pack.


FM Explorer Kit

Everything you need for a comfortable--and pleasurable--bottoming experience.


Bedside Manner Candle

Spicy, indulgent. Spark the candle that has all the playtime (me-time) vibes.


Glass Anal Dilator Set

A more pleasurable playtime in 1..2..3.



Why Is an Isotonic Solution Better for Douching?

Douching with tap water can make you more susceptible to STDs. Learn why isotonic solutions are the answer.

Sex & Pscyhology

Science Facts vs. Intimacy Fiction

What type of pleasure are we having—and could we be doing it better?

The Fun Stuff

The Bottom’s Bill of Rights

In honor of the Bill of Rights turning 230 years old, we've created our own intimacy-affirmative bill to improve the lives of bottoms.