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Can I cleanse after play? +
Yes, of course.  Some people utilize Future Method Disposable Cleansing Solution + Bulb as a means to cleanse any excess excrement and/or lubricant used during play. The purpose of the solution is not only for you to feel confident before, but also walk away feeling refreshed and soothed after.
How far in advance should I cleanse before play? +

Ideally, you should begin your cleansing routine at least 30-60 minutes before bottoming in order to make sure any residual air or solution comes out.

I’m new to bottoming. Why do I need to clean out, anyway? +

Anyone interested in bottoming can benefit from a quick rinse of their bum. When it comes to preparing for play, there are many different types of people, mostly those who seek the extra peace of mind against surprises and those who, no matter how much fiber their diet includes, never feel fully “empty” before they bottom. Residual feces can sometimes stick around, so a quick rinse with Future Method is an easy way to ensure that you enjoy maximum pleasure with no surprises. 

Why can’t I just use tap or bottled water when cleansing? +
The Future Method Disposable Cleansing Solution + Bulb was designed to be isotonic. Isotonic solutions are known to neither draw electrolytes from the body, nor draw water into the body. Their sole purpose is for easy cleansing without localized trauma. To learn more about isotonic cleansing, please check out The Future Method: Cleansing Before Play in Future Edition.

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