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I’m new to bottoming. Why do I need to clean out, anyway? +

Anyone interested in bottoming can benefit from a quick rinse of their bum. When it comes to preparing for play, there are many different types of people, mostly those who seek the extra peace of mind against surprises and those who, no matter how much fiber their diet includes, never feel fully “empty” before they bottom. Residual feces can sometimes stick around, so a quick rinse with Future Method is an easy way to ensure that you enjoy maximum pleasure with no surprises.

Which Future Method products can I use pre-play? +
We recommend using either our Disposable Intimate Wash or Anal Douche Powder Packs to cleanse and our Glass Anal Dilator Set to pre-dilate before you play. You can also use our Butt & Body Scrub followed by our Soothing Cream to freshen up, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling like citrus, clove, and cedar.
Which Future Method products can I use post-play? +
We recommend using our Butt & Body Scrub first to remove all traces of lube, bodily fluids, and unwanted debris after play. After, you can apply our Soothing Cream to deliver soothing, softening comfort for a cool, calm booty. Some people like to douche post-play -- we will leave that up to you.
Are there any allergens I need to keep in mind for Future Method’s products? Cross-contamination risks? +

If you have any concerns or questions, please send an email to

What products are best used daily? +

Each morning, we recommend taking our Butt & Gut Daily Pre+Probiotic to promote healthy bacteria, bolster your immune system, ease bloating, and supercharge your gut health. Before bed, we recommend taking our Butt & Gut Daily Fiber to help support the natural digestion that not only improves the effectiveness of your cleansing routine, but whole-body health, too.

When it comes to cleansing and moisturizing, we recommend adding our Butt & Body Scrub and Soothing Cream to smooth away dull, dead skin cells to reveal newer, younger-looking skin for your booty and body, and instantly moisturize, replenish, and restore your delicate booty, respectively.

How do I use the Future Method douche? +
First, you’ll insert your douche bulb’s nozzle into the solution’s opened cap. Then, squeeze gently to fill the bulb with liquid - you only need to fill it with about half a pouch of the disposable solution per use. We recommend lubing up the tip of your anal douche bulb before inserting it, allowing a smoother cleansing experience. You’ll gently insert the bulb then squeeze slowly, allowing all of the liquid to drain from the bulb. Then, you can remove the bulb and relax your muscles to expel the solution from your bowels. Don’t wait - expel the solution immediately!

Want more direction? We’ve got a complete guide to anal douching with our solution here.
Where do I find more information about Future Method’s shipping, products, etc? +
Please visit our FAQ's to learn more about general information.

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