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"Sex care products backed by science."

— Dr. Evan Goldstein

As the preeminent leader in this field, Dr. Evan Goldstein brings important issues surrounding sexual health to the forefront. He is the founder of Future Method and also the founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical, a surgical practice based in New York and Los Angeles. Being an out surgeon has enabled him to serve the gay community with a knowledge and focus that is unparalleled within the industry, uniquely positioning him to completely transform the sex care landscape.

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Douching Done Right

Meet the pH-balanced douching formula here to empower the way you play. Developed by professionals, Future Method's isotonic formula gently cleanses the anal canal and rectum for confident, worry-free sex at the drop of your pants.

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The Science of Sex

Future Method's scientifically-developed isotonic solution allows you to safely flush away the undesirable, unattractive stuff.

Doctor-Approved Ingredients

Tego Solve and the licorice-root extract glycyrrhizic acid, help provide an ultra-mild cleansing experience. 

No Compromise

For the community and by the community, Future Method helps make preparing for sex as enjoyable as sex itself.

What everyone's saying

"I really liked it--I have never felt cleaner in my life."

— Cyler D., NY, NY

"I absolutely love Future Method. I was having so many issue using saline or laxative enemas. Even water was messing me up. Since getting Future Method, it has changed my life. Bottoming has never been so great and the best part is the compliments I get. Their customer service is the next best thing. Very attentive and they want to keep their customers. I will definitely be a returning customer."

— Colbie K., Portland, OR

"So far I'm a fan of Future Method and amazed at the little amount of liquid needed."

— Todd R., NY, NY


— Nick C., Jersey City, NJ

"I loved the solution. The silky feeling made me feel sexier and protected."

— Ricky R., NY, NY

“It’s more gentle than an enema. It’s softer. I like how it feels."

— David G., Los Angeles, CA

The Future Edition

The Future Edition is making the conversation surrounding sex education more inclusive
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The Forum

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