Diet Tips for Bottoms: Learn What to Eat Before Bottoming

Dr. Evan Goldstein

fundamentals January 01, 2020

It’s often said that we are what we eat. Well, that’s certainly the case when it comes to preparing for bottoming. If you’re interested in making things as clean and quick as possible, here’s where to start.

High five for high fiber

First off: a good diet and your body’s natural digestive processes will do most of the cleaning work for you. I recommend that bottoms consume a high-fiber diet or probiotic supplements, along with plenty of water. That way, when you go to the bathroom, your stool is collected together in one smooth, bulky mass. This means you're able to expel all the contents of your colon in a single movement. If the muscle itself is part of the problem (e.g. they are too tight) – try out our glass anal dilator set, designed by medical professionals to target all three rings of anal musculature and relax them gradually.)

Consciously making fiber (both soluble and insoluble) part of your daily routine means you can get to a point where the most important step of your cleaning regimen is simply using the bathroom and quickly rinsing off. Your body will get rid of mostly everything in a very natural way, without disrupting the pH balance of your butt. If you’re still worried about potential residue, I recommend a quick “rinse” using bulb irrigation and Future Method Cleansing Solution, which is a pH balanced isotonic solution so it leaves the delicate balance of your microbiome in tact.


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What’s the best fiber for bottoms?

You should eat natural sources of fiber, including fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, and unprocessed bran. Incorporating any (or all) of these into your daily diet will increase your fiber intake. As for supplements, Metamucil, Citrucel, and Colon Cleanse Daily Fiber are common brands, available at any local grocery or drugstore. There is also Future Method's Butt & Gut Daily Fiber, which is specifically designed for the anal community

How much, how often?

It is quite difficult to naturally ingest the daily recommended dosage of fiber, which is much higher than many of us realize. It might be best to take a hybrid approach: increasing fiber-rich food intake, but also supplementing with fiber pills or powders. If you’re just starting out, I don’t recommend immediately jumping into the twice-daily recommended intake. It’s best to start by incorporating slowly and building up frequency over the course of a week or two.

Everyone’s GI is different, so what works for one person may not for someone else. You’ll need to experiment to find the perfect amount and timing of fiber to get the maximum cleanliness for your body. If you’re using supplements, it may be best to start dosing at nighttime.

It is quite difficult to naturally ingest the daily recommended dosage of fiber, which is much higher than many of us realize. 

Why? Because this allows fiber absorption and optimization to occur while you’re asleep and when your colon/rectum is also at rest. Since we only poop when we’re awake and the change in the angle of our pelvis when standing causes the movement we need to stimulate defecation, our colon is busier during the day and absorption is lower on the list of priorities.


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Food for bottoms to avoid

If you plan on bottoming, try to avoid eating processed foods, artificial sweeteners, fermented dairy products, spicy foods, and oily/greasy foods, as these tend to be irritable to the gastrointestinal tract and can lead to rapid transit (i.e. diarrhea).

For ‘irritable bowel bottoms’, I don’t have any clear answers, unfortunately. There are some new meds to help, or a lot of people are using CBD. The key is to truly understand what causes a flare up and plan accordingly if playtime is on the horizon.

About the author

Dr. Evan Goldstein is the Co-Founder of Future Method and the Founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical, the leading private practice in health and wellness for gay men. He received his MD from the University of Medicine and Dentistry School of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Goldstein is the go-to butt and bottoming expert, having been published in Huffington Post, Men’s Health, Healthline, and more. Learn about Dr. Goldstein by visiting his practice,


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