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About Us

We are Future Method, a new kind of sex care bringing healthy, mind-blowing sex to the gay community.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to make sex accessible, starting with the right anal care products for our community, by our community.

Featuring an entirely new step-by-step approach and formulations backed by science, we are the first to approach gay sex by combining scientific research with a holistic approach to preparing and caring for your sexual self. Our goal is to create a system to help minimize injury and maximize pleasure, empowering and educating the way you play.

We believe sex should be safe, healthy, and fun. We are the science of sex. We are Future Method.

Letter from the Founder

Dr. Evan Goldstein

After devoting my entire career to providing care to the gay community through my surgical practice, I recognized gay men, like myself, had been missing two critical things: proper sex ed and appropriate sex care products.

Far too many patients come to me to treat the damages caused by improper anal sex practices and care. This is greatly due to the lack of gay sex education in our culture and advancements in medical care for our community.

I created Future Method to push back against these inequalities. Starting with addressing our unmet needs, my ultimate mission is to bring the Future Method to all communities–to provide the first scientific, holistic, and educational sex brand devoted to supporting safe, fun, healthy and judgment-free sex.

— Dr. Evan Goldstein

We are the science of sex. We are Future Method. Welcome home.

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No one taught us the right way to prepare for bottoming…until now. Meet your new home for gay sex education.

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