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Future Method

We help people have informed, healthy, amazing sex.

Our Mission

We develop science-backed products and doctor-led education to maximize pleasure, eliminate injury, and empower the way people choose to play.

Letter from the Founder

After devoting my entire career to providing care to the gay community through my surgical practice, I recognized that all communities were missing two critical things: proper education and appropriate products to prepare for and enjoy playtime, and care for their bodies afterward.

Far too many patients come to me to treat the damage caused by improper preparation practices, sex itself, and what happens afterward. This is greatly due to the lack of information in our culture and a serious lack of advancement in products that would help promote a healthy sex life.

I created Future Method to address these unmet needs with the ultimate mission of bringing Future Method to all – providing the first scientific, holistic, and educational brand devoted to supporting safe, healthy, and judgment-free pleasure.

– Dr. Evan Goldstein, Co-Founder


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We are the Science of Sex™. We are Future Method. Welcome home.

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