Glass Anal Dilator Set

3-Piece Training System

Prime yourself for the pleasure to come with our 3-piece glass anal trainer kit crafted for novice, modest, and power users alike. Body-safe and shatterproof, these glass anal dilators are ideal for providing comfortable, smooth experiences for your booty. Each dilator size is designed to ease open the three anal sphincters and the surrounding skin – allowing for enhanced elasticity and a more accommodating fullness. Plays well alone, or with others. Perfect for training or pleasure.

Our Glass Anal Dilator Set will start shipping mid-June.

How it works

• Relaxes with optimal friction to dilate and strengthen the anal musculature.

• Primes the surrounding skin to enhance elasticity.

• Trains gradually and safely through a system of small, medium, and large rectal dilators.


• Made from body-safe, non-porous, Borosilicate glass
• Slippery finish for a more seamless, smooth insertion
• Temperature adjusting surface brings warm or cold sensations to playtime
• Waterproof for showertime pleasure and compatibility with all anal-safe lubricants
• Hypoallergenic and body-compatible
• Easy to clean, wash, and sanitize + will not harbor bacteria
• Phthalate-free
• Designed by one of the leading anal surgeons, Dr. Evan Goldstein.
• Dilator 1 dimensions: 4.9 inches in length, 0.8 inch in diameter
• Dilator 2 dimensions: 5.5 inches in length, 1.1 inch in diameter
• Dilator 3 dimensions: 6.1 inches in length, 1.3 in diameter


Butt + Body Soothing Cream $40

Anal Douche Powder Packs $27


Common misconception: butt plugs or anal dilators should have a bulbous, conical shape and be left inside you for extended periods of time.

The true goal of anal training is to simultaneously stimulate all 3 sets of ring-shaped sphincters so they gape (or remain) open.

To properly strengthen and stretch these muscles, anal dilators need to be shaped with the ideal length and circumference to meet these anal anatomical needs.

Scientifically Developed




I designed our glass anal dilator kit with a true working understanding of how the three sets of sphincter muscles and overlying skin work, and where they are anatomically positioned, even accounting for variations of length in different bodies.

— Dr. Evan Goldstein


Expertly developed to work in conjunction with any anal-safe lubricant, our 3-Piece Training System primes + stimulates the delicate anal area for maximum pleasure.

longer-than-average, uniform body ensures stability + synchronous opening of all 3 anal sphincters

narrow, tapered tip facilitates seamless insertion

silicone-friendly glass maximizes slip and lube dispersion for ease of stretching and preparation for play

circular base helps prevent accidental, complete insertion

GLASS ANAL DILATOR chart information image

How to Start With Anal Penetration

Anal dilation training begins with relaxation techniques and using small, graduated anal dilators of various sizes to slowly and gently stretch the anal muscles and skin over time. When using our glass anal training kit, you’ll begin with the smallest size and work your way up. Learn more about starting anal training for beginners!

1. Lubricate your dilator with anal-safe lubricant and place the first dilator against your anus with light pressure. It may be relaxing if you gently tap and massage the surrounding areas with the dilator.

2.Take a calming breath and slowly increase pressure on the anus as you exhale.

3. Slowly insert the dilator, moving at a pleasurable pace. Try to consciously relax as you accommodate the length and circumference of each glass dilator, and then slowly remove it once you hit any resistance – all in one continuous motion.

4. If there is any resistance, take a break. Gently remove the butt dilator, reapply more lube, and try again.

5. Once it goes in easily, keep this cycle going for 12-15 times for a complete session. If it’s too much, it’s OK to end that session and then try again another day.

For our complete guide to anal dilation, check out our beginner’s guide to bottoming.

Note: Using a glass dildo is similar to any other sex toy, but with some added considerations. Before usage, always check your dildo for any chips, fractures, or anything else.

It's a three-piece anal dilator set made out of glass," he explains. "Each one is made of body-compatible glass and was designed with a longer-than-average body without a neck to ensure stability and synchronous opening of all three anal sphincters." The tapered tip and frictionless glide (assuming you use enough lube) make using these a breeze, even for newbies.

— Dr. Evan Goldstein


What are anal training kits? +

Anal training kits are sets of anal dilators that progressively get larger in size that are designed to help you safely and gradually increase your anal flexibility and comfort. These kits assist in progressive anal dilation, aiding in relaxation and preparation for various activities, offering a controlled approach for those exploring anal play or therapy.

Are glass anal dilators safe? +

Yes, when used correctly and with proper hygiene, glass anal dilators are safe to use. Their non-porous, smooth surface minimizes the risk of irritation and makes them easy to clean. When cared for properly, they are shatterproof, and won't break or crack.

Why choose Future Method’s glass anal dilation kit? +

Our anal dilator set is perfectly designed to address all three rings of muscle that make up the anal sphincter. Glass is completely body-safe and compatible with all types of lube, ensuring you can use whatever is most comfortable for you. The extended length and designs of our rectal dilators are intended to allow you to comfortably insert as much as needed.

When and how should I clean my Glass Anal Dilator Kit? +

Thoroughly sanitize product before and after each use. To clean, rinse product with water or wipe with a damp paper towel or washcloth to remove any surface debris. Apply mild liquid soap and scrub well before rinsing with warm water. Once completely clean, place on a sterile towel and air-dry completely before storing.

What’s the best type of lubricant to use with my Glass Anal Dilator Kit? +

We recommend finding a silicone-based lube and applying copious amounts to both the glass dilator and anus. Reapply as needed throughout your training session.

How long should I keep the anal dilator inside my booty? +

We don’t recommend leaving in an anal dilator (or butt plug for that matter) for any extended period of time. Constant movement is key to optimal dilation exercises. Ideally, don’t leave the dilators from your anal training kit in more than 30 seconds per exercise.

Can I use my anal dilator set for temperature play? +

Yes, simply place dilators in the fridge or in hot water to change their temperature. Just make sure they’re not too cold or too hot—you don’t want any cramping or skin burns.

Do you offer discreet shipping and billing for your rectal dilators? +

Yes! We use plain white and brown boxes, as well as white padded envelopes, and we seal our packages up with white tape that has an “FM” pattern repeated on it. The only other text on the outside of the boxes or envelopes would be the shipping label, which will say that it’s coming from "Future Method.” The company name on your bank statement should show up as “Future Method” and the category should show up as “Shopping.”


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