Butt & Gut Daily Pre + Probiotic

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The unique dietary supplement that supports a balanced booty biome. From top to bottom, this prebiotic + probiotic blend optimizes healthy digestion in sexually active booties. Take two, daily, before or during meals.

60 capsules per bottle (1 Month Supply).

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  • Helps promote colonization of good bacteria in the rectum

  • Naturally helps keep the colon clean

  • Helps ensure the digestive system runs smoothly

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Lactobacillus rhamnosus Complex, DE111® Bacillus subtilis, PreticX® 95% Xylooligosaccharide, Hypromellose Capsule, Rice Dextrin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate.


  • Butt & Gut Daily Pre + Probiotic - $60
  • Subscription Butt & Gut Daily Pre + Probiotic - $54/mo.

*Our Pre + Probiotic renews every 3 weeks to ensure timely delivery of your next month's shipment.


Yes, in fact. Your rectal microbiome is a group of good and bad bacteria that live harmoniously in your bum.

Maintaining the equilibrium of your system is essential to a healthy and comfortable playtime.

Unfortunately, diet, penetration, lubricants, and preparing for play may offset this balance.


Microencapsulated Complex

Most probiotics don’t survive stomach acid, but our microencapsulated delivery system transports our formula further to boost its balancing benefits.

Barrier Strength

Once in the rectum, our probiotics help increase short chain fatty acid production, strengthening the epithelial barrier that can be weakened during play or from improper cleansing solutions.  


In addition, our probiotic formula is enhanced with prebiotics. Think of prebiotics like ‘food’ for good bacteria. Upon release, they help grow probiotic colonies and can relieve occasional constipation.


Why should I take your prebiotic + probiotic? +
Maintaining the equilibrium of your system is essential to a healthy and comfortable playtime. Our Pre + Probiotic helps promote colonization of good bacteria in the rectum, naturally helps keep the colon clean, and helps ensure the digestive system runs smoothly.
Is your prebiotic + probiotic safe to take while I'm pregnant or breastfeeding? +

Though safety tested, we encourage anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding to double check with their physician before adding dietary supplements to their routine.

Can I take this with other supplements? What about medications? +

We encourage you to double check with your physician before adding our product to your regimen.

Who should take your prebiotic + probiotic? +

Future Method was designed for all butt types seeking to optimize their digestive system for worry-free, pleasurable play.

Do you offer discreet shipping and billing? +

Yes! We use plain white and brown boxes, as well as white padded envelopes, and we seal our packages up with white tape that has an “FM” pattern repeated on it. The only other text on the outside of the boxes or envelopes would be the shipping label, which will say that it’s coming from "Future Method”. The company name on your bank statement should show up as “Future Method” and the category should show up as “Shopping.”

How long will a single-bottle supply last? +

There are 60 capsules. That’s 30 servings, or, a 1-month supply.

Do I need to refrigerate your prebiotic + probiotic? +

This product does not require refrigeration. Refrigeration will not harm the product, but the product should not be frozen. It’s intended to be kept in a cool, dark place. Please keep out of heat and direct sunlight.

How should I store my capsules? +

Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture, sunlight, and fluctuations in temperature.

How do I take Butt & Gut Daily Prebiotic + Probiotic? +

Capsules are to be swallowed by mouth. Take two capsules, daily, before or during meals.


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Leon B.
Another great product

After taking the Pre+Probiotic for a week, the changes were positive and subtle. I will never be without it.