Guide to Getting Started with Anal Cones

Dr. Evan Goldstein

June 14, 2024

In the quest for fuller pleasure and safer sexual experiences, one device is revolutionizing playtime preparation and boosting pleasure. Let us take you on a journey from apprehension to appreciation — our Silicone Anal Cone is a total game changer for those looking to get more experience with anal stretching and training.

As it relates to anal sex, understanding the nuances of anal anatomy is crucial. The anatomy is comprised of many components, but the two main factors that determine whether one experiences pleasure or pain are the underlying muscle and its overlying skin. Many people can fully relax or learn to relax these entrance points — aka ‘holes’ — yet still get hiccups because of the overlying skin. Remember: everyone’s anal skin is thin, especially towards the front and the back, where there are no true anal folds or creases. This is particularly true for individuals assigned female at birth (AFAB) or those who are prescribed estrogen. 

By bringing an anal cone into your sexual preparations, you not only engage the three muscles known as the sphincters sequentially, but also always work and condition the skin further. The ergonomics of the device specifically helps to open the external ring of skin most effectively. Why is this preferred? That region of the ass is the first to engage during any anal play, and if it’s being tapped first, it needs to be strong and durable, yet flexible and elastic. 

You need to set the stage for that success and that’s where our new cone is imperative for upping your anal game. Remember: the anus is a use-it-or-lose-it organ and needs regular and frequent exercise to keep it functioning appropriately, much like any other muscle. Sex is a high pressure act on your skin and muscles. Engaging them correctly is essential to avoid injuries and to fulfill your desires fully. 

Anal Cone vs Anal Dilators - How to choose  

Glass dilators prime the anal muscles for the pleasure to come, while the cone helps the skin accommodate average to above-average girth.

Adding a cone that gradually expands from tip to base + has silicone’s gentle friction will train your skin to match the demands of anal sex. Every use increases your skin's elasticity and strength — think of it as stretching pizza dough for that extra slice. Most of us only have enough to make 7 slices, so how do we give it a gentle stretch to serve 8? The cone’s circumference allows for a fuller accommodation.

Booty-minded design from tip to base.

Our expertly designed cone is crafted to enhance your experience by improving skin flexibility and muscle memory, maximizing pleasure. It begins with a narrow, tapered tip that ensures seamless insertion. 

Crafted from hyper-realistic silicone, the cone feels exceptionally soft, both inside and out. Additionally, a circular base not only prevents over-insertion but also enables the device to suction onto surfaces, allowing for hands-free training and pleasure.

Color-coded system for measured progress

Progress is not just felt, it’s seen, with our expertly designed color-coded system. These three levels correlate with the small, medium, and large Glass Anal Dilators. Begin your ‘booty camp’ exercises by using our Silicone Anal Cone at Level 1 and work your way up. Slow, steady, gentle pressure is what wins the anal race, so go at a pleasurable pace. If there is any resistance, take a break. You can always gently remove the silicone anal cone, reapply more lube, and try again.

Feels-real & safe silicone material.

Made from the highest grade, 100% hyper-realistic silicone, our Silicone Anal Cone delivers that just-right pressure and friction for the desired exercise and effect. When developing the Cone, we knew more friction than the Glass Dilator Set would be needed to gently target and work the skin’s architecture. Yes, the glass dilators do work the skin actively, but they are much more focused on the underlying muscles and teaching the body how to relax them all as a unit, in unison. 

Silicones can range from super soft to rock hard. We chose the perfect give that allows for the correct amount of friction to be applied to the surrounding anal tissues. By understanding these anal nuances, we deliver you the right pressure for maximum benefits. 

How to use your anal cone.

Anal training begins with relaxation techniques to gently stretch the skin and anal muscles over time. When using our Silicone Anal Cone, begin with Level 1 and work your way up. While it’s not mandatory, we recommend starting your practice with our Glass Anal Dilator Set to help pre-lubricate and pre-dilate before moving into your cone work (this will get the anal muscles fully relaxed and open).

  1. Lubricate your Silicone Anal Cone with anal-safe lubricant and place it against your anus with light pressure. It may be relaxing if you gently tap and massage the surrounding areas with the cone.

  1. Take a calming breath and slowly increase pressure on the anus as you exhale. To do this, try gently pushing out the pelvic floor like you’re going #2. You should notice the toy will ease in while the pelvic floor opens outward.

  1. Slowly insert the Silicone Anal Cone, moving at a pleasurable pace until you feel pressure. Hold it there for 3-5 seconds and then slowly release. Note the level you have successfully inserted to.

  1. If there is any resistance, take a break. Gently remove the silicone anal cone, reapply more lube, and try again.

  1. Once it goes in easily, continue this cycle 12-15 times for a complete session, aiming to gradually increase its depth. 

How long does anal cone training take? 

Realistically, most people — even if they can go bigger — should stick with Level 1 for the first 1-2 weeks,then gradually work through Level 2 for an additional 1-2 weeks, before finally graduating to Level 3 for a final 1-2 weeks. You can always adjust to a level that suits your needs and desires. If you find the exercises are too much at any point, it’s perfectly OK to end that session and then try again another day.

Can the anal cone be used alone? 

Absolutely. This is not just a device to get you into anal, you can use this for maintenance or just fun, anal play. The tip will be innately angled more to the prostate in people assigned male at birth (AMAB) and the A-spot in people AFAB. Anyone with a pelvis will completely benefit from its use and have an amazing experience bringing this into their sexual adventures 

Anal Cone Care, Cleaning & Maintenance 

After and before each use, properly clean, sanitize, and dry. Use hot soap and water and dry completely with a microfiber towel. 

To protect the texture and surface of your Silicone Anal Cone we recommend the use of water-based or hybrid-silicone lubricants. Also, store it away from other silicone cones to help maintain its shape and integrity.

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