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Understanding the Anal Microbiome

Fundamentals |

Understanding the Anal Microbiome

by Dr. Evan Goldstein

  • The anal microbiome is a group of good bacteria that live harmoniously together in the anus and rectum.
  • Maintaining equilibrium of your anal and rectal microbiome is essential to protecting your body.
  • Douching with tap water and store-bought enemas not only can breaks down the rectal mucosal barrier, but also can cause alterations in your anal and rectal microbiome
  • Changes in the anal microbiome may be associated with mucosal damage, possibly leading to increased vulnerability to HIV infection and other STIs.

Every time you douche, you put your anal microbiome at risk.

With all of us normally harboring appropriate levels of bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract, the intestinal microbiome is essential in helping us function. Alterations of the tract in men who have sex with men have been linked to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and anal cancers.

Our community has long lacked the education and proper resources to prevent detrimental changes in the biological homeostasis that ultimately impacts the rectal microbiome. Though a common way for gay men to prepare for intercourse, rectal douching breaks down the rectal mucosal barrier and causes negative changes in the biological homeostasis.These side effects have led to a global health crisis in our community, which is why we wanted to formulate an isotonic douche to support anal engagement for pleasurable, safer sex.

Isotonic, in theory, allows an effective cleanse, without altering your body’s natural microbiome, leaving you ready to engage. What more could you ask for?

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