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You've Been Prepping for Anal Sex All Wrong

Fundamentals |

You've Been Prepping for Anal Sex All Wrong

by Dr. Evan Goldstein

  • Tap water and store-bought enemas should not be used to prepare for anal sex.
  • Both can increase the possibility of contracting STD’s.
  • Douching with an isotonic solution effectively cleanses the rectum
    When it comes to sex, the majority of us gay men believe we can never be too clean. But when it comes to your asshole that isn’t entirely true. Douching before anal sex can have real consequences. Unfortunately, with the absence of products to substantiate our anal engagement plus lack of proper sex education for our community, we’ve all been douching wrong. Let me explain.

    Anatomy 101:

    There are two types of cells that line our anorectal cavity, and when we douche, the mucous membrane is ultimately what’s affected. Typically, these cells do not come into contact with the outside world, but douching, lubricants, toys, semen or whatever you prefer, all create reactions in the mucosa and have potentially negative consequences.

    Think about it…most of us have been prepping for anal by douching with tap water or prepared enemas, which typically deplete these cells of essential nutrients and overall ability to function. This can lead to micro cuts (cracking) or macro tears (anal fissures), which can increase the possibility of contracting STD’s and over time requiring douche dependency to defecate.

    But I’ve always kept a close eye on the market and up until now, I could never recommend products for douching, due to the fact that all the solutions were causing the aforementioned negative ramifications. Because anal sex is still considered taboo by most, unfortunately, nothing had been created for us.

    Douching Done Right

    Enter our community’s first isotonic anal douche solution. The Future Method anal douche solution offers an effective, pH-balanced cleanse of the anal canal and rectum, while simultaneously helping soothe the applied area and promote a feeling of moisturized comfort. Developed by professionals, this formula is first of its kind, offering a gentle yet effective clean, so you’re ready to bottom whenever you need it.

    But let’s pull it a back a minute and make sure you’re aware of some key terms. Do you know the difference between douching and enemas?
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