20 Anal Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

Dr. Evan Goldstein

fundamentals September 15, 2023

When someone is the receiving partner during anal sex, they’re often referred to as the bottom (and the insertive partner is the top). Whether someone receives pleasure–or discomfort–from anal sex can depend a lot on the positions they explore with their partners. Everyone’s internal mapping is different, just like the curvature of someone’s penis, strap-on, or toy. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 20 of the best anal sex positions, for beginners, experts, and everyone in buttween.

Preparing for Anal Sex

Anal sex isn’t something you can quickly and easily jump into (or onto). While pop culture and porn make it seem like you can try it on a whim, I cannot stress enough the importance of preparing for anal sex through the following tips: Practice anal dilation exercises to strengthen and loosen the skin and muscle. Familiarize yourself with anal-recommended lubes. Talk about safety and communication with your partner. Implement a body-compatible anal douching routine.

20 Best Positions for Anal Sex

From novice to advanced, vanilla to kinky, here is our list of our favorite anal sex positions that anyone can get behind.

1. Cowboy, Cowgirl, or Cowpoke (variation: Squatting Cowboy, Cowgirl, and Cowpoke)

This is my favorite position for starting out, especially for newbies, because it allows the receiving partner to be in full control of the speed and depth of penetration. You can ease into anal sex, making sure your sphincters are relaxed, before you move onto a more advanced position. The squatting variation takes things one step deeper. Rather than the receiving partner’s knees resting on the bed, they will plant their feet on the bed so that they are literally squatting on their partner. If the receiving partner wants to remain in control, they can actively move themselves up and down on their partner, or, if they want the penetrating partner to take over, the receiving partner can hover slightly and allow the penetrating partner to thrust into them.

2. Missionary

Don’t call this “vanilla”. Missionary is a great position for anal sex because it allows face-to-face contact, which not only means you can kiss while your partner penetrates you, but also the penetrating partner can easily read facial clues as to whether or not you’re experiencing pleasure (or pain). In this position, the receiving partner will lie on their back with their legs straight, but slightly open, while the penetrating partner inserts themselves in between. Missionary in its traditional sense doesn’t really work for anal sex since the booty is underneath, but it can still be done with some minor modifications in pelvic angulation (and perhaps a pillow under your butt).

3. Zodiac

This position reminds us of a sexier cowboy/cowgirl/cowpoke. Rather than the penetrating partner lying down while the receiving partner straddles them, both parties are sitting up, facing each other, while the receiving partner wraps their legs around the penetrating partner. This position is especially intimate, allowing you to embrace each other and giving the penetrating partner the ability to thrust into the receiving partner. If you’re looking more for short and deep penetration, and less for long and fast thrusts, this one's for you. While seated in a chair (or at the end of the bed), have your partner straddle you, facing towards you, and wrap their legs around you.

4. Piledriver

I think the name says it all–this is not for beginners. This is for the receiving partner who wants to be fully submissive as they lie on their back, bring their legs up over their head, and allow the penetrating partner to lower themselves into their booty. Try to get your butt as high in the air as possible (pretend you’re in yoga class doing plow pose). The more flexible the receiving partner is, the better because it gives the penetrating partner more direct access to your hole, which means deeper penetration.

5. Pirate’s Bounty

Think of this position as a more advanced missionary. The receiving partner will lie on their back and rest one leg on the shoulder of their partner. This position is ideal for extra deep penetration as it allows a more direct line of entry for the penetrating partner, as well as receiving partners who are extra flexible. The further up and back the penetrating partner can push the receiving partner’s leg, the deeper the penetrating partner can thrust.

6. Spooning

Spooning–lying side-by-side–can be as gentle and intimate (think: embracing each other while the penetrating partner delicately thrusts into the receiving partner), or as active and passionate (think: neck biting while the penetrating partner thrusts long and hard into the receiving partner) as you want.

7. Doggy & Seated Doggy

Another classic anal sex position, especially if you watch porn, is doggy style. I don’t recommend jumping right into doggy style because it puts the penetrating partner in full control, and because you don’t see each other’s faces, it’s harder to read how the other is feeling. In this position, the receiving partner is on all fours, with their partner penetrating them from behind, either standing on the ground or, in the variation called “seated doggy”, kneeling on a bed (so that the penetrating partner’s penis or strap-on is in line with the receiving partner’s anal canal for direct access). One tip: receiving partners can be in control in this position, where the penetrating partner stands still and the receiving partner backs up onto the penetrating partner.

8. Reverse Cowboy, Cowgirl, or Cowpoke

Depending on the curvature of the penetrating partner’s penis or strap-on, reverse cowboy/cowgirl/cowpoke can be perfect for prostate or A-zone stimulation. This one is just like regular cowboy/cowgirl/cowpoke, except the receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner while facing away from them. This position is another great option for the receiving partner to be in control. However, if they want to make the penetrating partner do all the work, the receiving partner can lean back, plant their hands onto the bed by their sides, and let the penetrating partner thrust into them.

9. Flatiron

Think of this position as reverse missionary. In this position, the receiving partner will lie face down on the bed, with their knees slightly bent and hips slightly raised (also a great position for being rimmed). Some people find it beneficial to place a small pillow under their lower stomach because it’ll raise the angle of their pelvis and allow for more direct penetration without the receiving partner having to hold their body up. The penetrating partner will then rest their arms and hands on the bed like they’re doing push-ups (into the receiving partner).

10. Frog Leap

Frog leap makes me think of a modified, more active doggy style. In this position, the receiving partner squats down with their hands planted out in front of them (like a frog), while the penetrating partner comes in behind them (this is best done with the receiving partner on the edge of the bed and the penetrating partner planted firmly on the ground). Alternatively, you can both be on the bed and the penetrating partner would simply be kneeling (perfect if you’re in for a hard quad workout). If the receiving partner wants to be in control, you can thrust yourself off and onto the penetrating partner, or you can stay put and allow the penetrating partner to thrust into you.

11. Cross

Cross position is exactly like it sounds. The receiving partner will lie on the bed facing north/south, and then the penetrating partner will lie on top of them facing west/east. There isn’t much to this position, but it does allow for deep penetration and for the penetrating partner to be in full control. Who doesn’t love biting a pillow while they get drilled?

12. Lap Dance

If Zodiac is like a sexy cowboy/cowgirl/cowpoke, then Lap Dance is like a sexy reverse cowboy/cowgirl/cowpoke. In this position, the penetrating partner will sit on the edge of a bed or a chair. The receiving partner will then sit directly in their lap, just like a lap dance. With everyone’s feet planted firmly on the ground, this position allows the receiving partner to move themselves on and off the penetrating partner, while the penetrating partner can sit back and relax. Another variation is having the receiving partner grab onto and pull them towards their legs. The penetrating partner can then take over and thrust into the receiving partner.

13. Standing Doggy

This is a great variation of the traditional doggy style and is perfect for tight quarters, like a shower. In this position, both you and your partner are standing. Next, the receiving partner will hinge at the waist, and allow the penetrating partner to enter from behind. The penetrating partner can grasp your wrists and hold them alongside your body if being dominated is something both parties want (and have agreed upon).

14. Sandwich

Sandwich is the perfect position if you and your partner are looking for a tight squeeze (literally). In this position, the receiving partner will lie flat on their stomach on a bed or couch, while the penetrating partner enters you from behind. The angle of your thighs elevates your butt, allowing for deeper penetration and potentially intensifying their sensation of size. You have the flexibility to modify this by either widening your knees or bringing them closer together (hence the reference to a tighter fit).

15. Seated Wheelbarrow

Seated wheelbarrow is definitely a more active position, especially for the receiving partner. In this position, you’ll want to sit upright at the edge of the bed. Guide your receiving partner to assume their position with their hands securely placed on the floor in front of them. Grasp their hips to align them over you. This stance might exert some strain on the receiving partner, but you can lend support by taking on a portion of their weight. Their hands shouldn't bear the entirety of the load (no pun intended); rather, they should primarily use them for balance.

16. Spicy Dish

Spicy dish is another active position for the receiving partner. The penetrating partner will want to position themselves at the bed's edge, feet firmly grounded. Next, gently recline, using your elbows to prop up your upper body. Your receiving partner can now settle onto your lap, facing away, while situating their legs on the bed's edge for stability. Hold onto your partner's hips for added support.

17. Golden Arch

Sit on the bed with your legs straight. Have your partner sit on top of you. They should bend their knees on top of your thighs, and then both of you can lean back, planting your palms firmly on the bed. From there, get to business. Golden arch is a fun, active, and intimate anal sex position. In this position, the penetrating partner will take a seat on the bed, extending their legs forward. Next, invite your receiving partner to join you by sitting atop your lap. With bent knees resting on your thighs, both of you can recline, pressing your palms securely against the bed. Once situated, you can take turns, where the penetrating partner can thrust into the receiving partner and the receiving partner can ride the penetrating partner or a little bit of both.

18. Full Throttle

If you’re an advanced receiving partner, full throttle is the perfect way to obtain deep penetration. Newbies: save this for later! In this position, the receiving partner will lie on their back, and then raise their legs up towards their shoulders in a v-like shape. Then, the penetrating partner will enter from above, using their hands for balance as they enter. The penetrating partner will almost be able to jackhammer into the receiving partner, with zero obstructions. Therefore, communication is going to be essential here, including reading facial cues. If the penetration gets too deep, the receiving partner can always use their hands to prevent the penetrating partner from entering as far.

19. Right Angle

The penetrating partner sits and keeps their legs spread in a V in front of them. You then lie down on your back between his legs with your legs on either of his shoulders. Similar to full throttle, this position is great for deep penetration but is easier for people who aren’t super flexible. In the right-angle sex position, the receiving partner assumes a seated position, preferably on the edge of a bed, table, or sofa, with their legs forming a spread V-shape in front of them. Then, they lean backward until they’re on their back with their legs still in the air. The penetrating partner then positions themselves in front of them, between the receiving partner’s legs, and then either holds the receiving partner’s legs in front of them, letting them rest on their shoulders.

20. Happy Baby

While your partner’s lying on their back, have them throw their bent legs up into the air. Their legs should be slightly past shoulder-length apart, and for this pose to really work, they need to grip the soles of their feet with their hands. For anyone who does yoga, you know what happy baby pose is. Think of this as a sexy version of that. As the receiving partner lies on their back, instruct them to lift their bent legs into the air, just like in happy baby during yoga. Their legs should extend just slightly beyond shoulder width, and for this position to be effective, they should grasp the soles of their feet with their hands. The penetrating partner then enters them from in front and penetrates them like they would in missionary.


Try These Positions With Assistance from Future Method

With so many different positions to try, you’ll ultimately find what works best for you and your partner, based on experience level, flexibility, location, and differences in height. Some of these may not work out for you, but just be sure to communicate any discomforts with your partner and be sure to prep yourself beforehand, whether that’s with our Glass Anal Dilator Set, our anal douche solution, or both.

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