Gut Check: Can A Single Prebiotic/Probiotic Pill Boost Your Playtime

Dr. Evan Goldstein

fundamentals August 18, 2021

Besides Future Method, I have a specialized anal surgery medical practice. General butt health is the cornerstone of my day-to-day work there. Many of the surgical techniques employed at our office are corrective and enhancing procedures to repair damage caused by anal play over time. Incorrect diet for bottoms, penetrative play, cheap lubricants, and even improper preparation for intercourse can all radically affect the delicate balance of a special part of the body we at Future Method lightheartedly call, “the booty biome.” What many people don’t know is that there is a simple step you can take every day that can significantly help support the delicate balance of this system for a confident, more satisfying sex life: a daily prebiotic/probiotic pill.

What’s the booty biome and why is it important?

Your rectal microbiome is a group of good and bad bacteria that live harmoniously in your bum. Studies have shown that changes in your microbiome may be associated with mucosal damage, possibly leading to potential localized complications such as increased chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases that include HIV, as well as pathologies like localized abscesses, gland irritation, tears (aka fissures), and many more. So it goes without saying, the equilibrium of this system is essential to a healthy and comfortable playtime.

How can I prevent these changes?

It’s up to you to replenish and restore. But to help meet this need, we recently developed a unique combination prebiotic + probiotic specifically designed to support both gut and butt health for those who engage in backdoor pleasure. Promoting colonization of healthy bacteria from top to bottom, the unique pre + probiotic blend naturally helps keep the colon clean and the digestive system running smoothly.

What Makes The Future Method Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula Different?

Well for one, most probiotics can’t even get through stomach acid, hence there’s no way to re-colonize all the way down to your rectum. Future Method’s Butt & Gut Pre + Probiotic harnesses a microencapsulated delivery system to transport our formula further and boost its balancing benefits. Once in the rectum, our probiotics help increase short chain fatty acid production, helping to strengthen the epithelial barrier that can be weakened during play or from improper cleansing solutions. In addition, our probiotic formula is enhanced with prebiotics. Think of prebiotics like ‘food’ for good bacteria. Upon release, they help grow probiotic colonies and can relieve occasional constipation.

What Else Should I Know About Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Keep in mind that the preparation phase for butt play (douching) can be extremely detrimental for those who use tap water or store-bought enemas (for a healthier alternative check out our Rectal Wash’s pH-balanced isotonic solution). Proper hygiene is paramount to risk reduction. We should always make sure we are practicing safer engagement through (w)hole body thinking–including gut health. This combination of total body consciousness and a curious spirit is the foundation that Future Method was built on and the reason we continue to develop products that bridge the gap between science and pleasure.

About the author

Dr. Evan Goldstein is the Co-Founder of Future Method and the Founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical, the leading private practice in health and wellness for gay men. He received his MD from the University of Medicine and Dentistry School of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Goldstein is the go-to butt and bottoming expert, having been published in Huffington Post, Men’s Health, Healthline, and more. Learn about Dr. Goldstein by visiting his practice,


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