How to Clean a Douche Bulb

Dr. Evan Goldstein

fundamentals April 17, 2023

What is an anal douche?

Anal douching is like a fancy spa day for your backdoor. It involves inserting a douche bulb (or anal douche) into your rectum to clean fecal matter out. No surprises, no mess, just pure cleanliness.

While people anal douche for all sorts of reasons, it’s most commonly done in preparation for anal sex. Tops may feel more comfortable if their partner douches or, bottoms might douche to help feel confident during anal sex. While you don’t need to douche before anal play, it’s best to talk with your partner and communicate your desires. 

Anal douching is like a secret weapon for a smoother, more relaxed romp in the sheets. And let's face it, your derriere deserves all the attention it can get. From rimming to fingers, toys, and anal sex — a freshly douched butt will turn your attention away from poo and towards pleasure.

But we know you've got questions. Like, how do you keep that douche bulb squeaky clean? Or, how often should you clean your douche bulb?

How To Clean Your Douche Bulb

Before you start cleaning your douche bulb, check to see whether it’s reusable or single-use only. If it’s reusable, you can follow our simple steps below to keep your douche bulb bacteria-free and clean. 

  1. Separate the tip from the bulb: Unscrew or pull out the nozzle from the bulb the same way you got it off pre-douching. You can refer to the instructions that came with your douche bulb, but this step should be pretty straightforward. 
  2. Wash each piece with soap and water: Bacteria can populate on your bulb’s nozzle so it’s important to clean your pieces with soap and water. If you don’t, you risk reintroducing that bacteria to your rectum the next time you use it.
  3. Dry the tip and the bulb: You can dry the pieces off with a paper towel and then lay them out for a few hours to air dry.  
  4. Store in a cool, dry place: Once you’re finished drying, you can store your douche bulb in a cool, dry area.

More Tips For Cleaning Your Anal Douche

Cleaning your anal douche is just as vital as the actual process of douching. Give your butthole the VIP treatment with our top anal douching tips below.

Use warm water and soap, or sex toy cleaners

If your anal bulb is labeled dishwasher safe, you can go ahead and untwist or pull out the tip before placing the bulb facedown in the dishwasher. If you’d rather wash your bulb by hand, there are a few different cleaning methods you can use. 

Simply use warm water and soap to clean the inside and outside of your anal bulb. Rinse it with water multiple times to ensure it’s sparkling clean. Sex toy cleaners are another great option to keep bacteria at bay. 

Dry your douche thoroughly to avoid bacteria growth

Post-washing, be sure to thoroughly dry your anal douche. You can use paper towels or a clean hand towel to dry the pieces. Dry the outside and as much of the inside as you can reach. Be gentle and don’t worry if you can’t dry any hard-to-reach spots. You don’t want to overdo it and risk cracking the bulb. Instead, allow the pieces to air dry before storing them away.

Clean your douche after each use

While you may be tempted to store your douche away without cleaning it — this gives bacteria time to multiply, which could spread dangerous infections the next time your anal douche comes in contact with your rectum. Instead, clean your douche after every use.

Store your anal douche in a clean, dry area

Keep your anal douche in a clean, dry area in-between uses. For instance, this might be in a bedroom drawer, medicine cabinet, or hallway closet in a designated, disinfected container. Handle your anal douche with care and don’t keep it in a humid bathroom, or damp, wet place.

Replace your anal douche at least once a year

If you use your anal douche a few times a week, then opt to replace it every six months. It’s also a good idea to not share your douche with others. If you use it less frequently, purchase a new anal bulb once a year. Be sure to examine your anal douche before every use to make sure there are no tears or rips in the bulb that can lead to leaks. 


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