Survey Says: These Zodiac Signs Have the Highest Sex Drives

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Sex & Psychology August 24, 2022

Our zodiac signs are like cosmic blueprints, plotting our horoscopes, personality traits, and even sexual preferences. But are certain zodiac signs more sexually adventurous than others? Which signs are having the most sex? And which are more receptive to things like open relationships or group play? These are burning questions that we needed to answer.

Future Method went straight to the source, surveying Americans across all 12 astrological signs to uncover the “sexual persona” of each sign and ultimately, crack the case on which signs have the highest sex drives. In our survey, we explored a whole bevy of sexual habits by sign from sex toy usage and masturbation rates to dirty talk and kinkiness levels. Curious to find out if your sign tops the sexy-time list? Read on to see which zodiac signs are the most adventurous in bed! 


From June 21 to July 1, 2022, Future Method surveyed 1,350 people, ages 18 to 75, across the U.S. to uncover which zodiac signs have the steamiest sexual appetite. Survey respondents were divided into zodiac signs according to their reported birthdate. Each zodiac sign was assigned a total sex drive score from one to five (where five is the highest), based on their answers to 25 sex-related questions. The survey included a representative sample across geographic regions, genders, generations, and sexual orientations.

Zodiac Signs With the Most Active Sex Lives, Overall

a radial chart displaying the zodiac signs with the most active sex lives

Mirror mirror on the wall; which zodiac sign has the best sex of them all? We calculated which signs have the most active sex lives, overall, across 20-plus sexual categories. Libra tops our list as the sign with the most active sex life across the board. According to our research, getting laid is a breeze for this air sign. The same can be said for the other four zodiac signs that landed on top––Capricorn, Gemini, Scorpio, and Taurus.

Zodiac Sign Sexual Superlatives

a visual chart plotting each zodiac sign’s sexual superlative


Superlatives are one of the many reasons we enjoy looking back at our high school yearbooks. It's always exciting to see who will earn the crown for what. From the biggest dirty talker to the most open relationships, based on your zodiac sign, your superlative is here. 

If you've ever wondered why Cancers are so good in bed, you officially have your answer. For them, it's all about giving their lovers what they deserve. While for Taureans, there's nothing better than indulging in the most fabulous treasures life has to offer, whether that comes in the form of multiple partners or booty calls.

Two's already company daily with this twinning sign. So, unsurprisingly, of all the signs in the zodiac, Geminis are the biggest masturbators. They might even prefer it to sex with a partner. On the other hand, Leo's are using their fingers for kinky bedroom games. However, Capricorns do it like no other. Their bold and fierce sexual nature leaves nothing off the table. The earth sign is down to try anything once, especially if it involves some experimental foreplay with their favorite sex toy.

a visual chart plotting each zodiac sign’s wildest sex locations

Sex isn’t a one-size-fits-all activity. While many people opt to do the deed in bed, some zodiac signs have gotten creative. Kinky Leo maintains their hot and heavy sex life in airport restrooms, parents’ houses, public parking lots, and boats. For this eccentric sign, having sex outside the bedroom with the chance of getting caught gets their adrenaline pumping. Other zodiacs confessed to a bit of impromptu action in a peaceful library, a hushed movie theater, a bubbly jacuzzi, and even at the workplace.

Sexual Traits by Zodiac Sign

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Aries



In the bedroom, this fire sign dominates. As arguably the most sexual astrology sign, Aries are defined by their flaming passion. Averaging 27.51 lifetime sexual partners as well as the highest number of sexual partners at one time (during group sex), the soulful fun sign is filled with a fiery libido that is animalistic and energetic. What’s more, Aries loves anal sex (as the receptive partner) more than any other sign.

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Taurus


If you’re thinking about making the first move, what are you waiting for? This is your sign to go for it. A true Taurus likes to “cut the bull”. To satisfy the horny sign, you need to be gentle, yet confident. As one of the more sexually fluid zodiac signs, a Taurus enjoys experimenting. Whether it’s a quick naughty selfie, indulging in threesomes, or testing out polyamory, the mutable earth sign is open-minded. To boot, Taurus is having more sex each month than any other sign.

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Gemini


When it comes to sex, Geminis just want to have fun. Fun fact? They’re the sign most likely to have sex in an elevator. The twin sign loves playing a love game; but rest assured, you’ll get the best of both worlds in the process. They’re also likely to be creative “sexters” and porn connoisseurs with an active imagination.

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Cancer


Ruled by the maternal moon, Cancers shower their lovers with tender care and affection. Often preferring a planned lovemaking session, the sensitive sign takes sex a little more seriously than the others, seeing it as a romantic and sensual act. According to survey responses, they’re also the biggest “givers” in the bedroom, as they prefer giving pleasure over receiving it.

 an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Leo


An explosive Leo likes to be the center of attention. The fire in the bedroom translates to passion and eagerness in the bed, with you and only you. Although Leo’s exude a lot of fun and creativity, they aren’t keen on sharing and are least likely to give threesomes a try.

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Virgo


Those born between August 23 and September 22 strive for perfection, in and out of the bedroom. Unlike the other zodiac signs, a Virgo’s sexual approach is more calculated and precise. As master organizers, the mutable earth sign loves to create tension to fan the sexual flames with teasing sexts and foreplay.

 an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Libra


You can expect to have some of the best sex of your life with a Libra. They don't rush through the act of sex. Instead, they take things slow and steady. Averaging nearly 30 lifetime sexual partners, they’re also pretty experienced in the bedroom. What’s more, they love oral sex more than any other sign (both as the receiver and the giver)––no complaints there. 

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Scorpio


A sexy Scorpio love is magnetic, dominating, and mysterious. Everyone believes them to be the most sexual astrology sign in all of the solar system. However, their sex drive may not be as high as everyone thought. They rank lower than many other signs when it comes to the average number of partners and the average amount they’re having sex each month, but when it comes to enjoying a “casual” sex partner or interest in an open relationship, they top the list.

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Sagittarius


To arouse a Sag, dirty talk and a healthy level of kink are a must. As a lover, Sagittarius is one of the most loyal and spontaneous signs. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, they love to try new things and act on their wild, free-spirited passion with a person they trust. 

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Capricorn


Work hard, and play even harder. Sex is another task to be checked off the morning to-do list for this earthly element. Capricorn’s naturally ambitious nature makes them highly generous partners to cater to your needs. They value foreplay more than any other sign, along with having the highest sex toy usage each month.

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Aquarius


Aquarius is known as the most intellectual of the zodiac signs. Often, this makes them come off as a tad boring, including in bed. However, they simply need stimulation, especially mentally. For Aquarius, sex isn’t just sex—it’s lovemaking. So, the air sign’s results come as no surprise. Casual sex and threesomes do not appeal to them. Aquarius will typically only get down and dirty with a person they’re very comfortable with.

an infographic highlighting the sexual habits and preferences of Pisces


Although Pisces are known as the dreamers of the zodiac because they tend to live with their heads lost in the clouds, they’re fish at heart. The water sign can be a tough catch, especially regarding relationships, so it makes sense why they’re more likely to thrive in a polyamorous relationship.

Closing Thoughts

A slew of factors can determine sexual compatibility: whether you're a kinky Leo or a dirty-talking Pisces, look for a partner you have fun with (in and out of the bedroom). At Future Method, we understand sexual health is a huge player in our lives. That’s why we’re devoted to creating science-backed intimate products to enhance pleasure and empower the way people love.


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