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The most innovative wellness companies of 2021.

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Named Best Anal Dilator Set by GQ

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"Entrepreneurs in the sexual health space are frequently doctors, and that makes sense. The doctor’s office might be only place many people feel comfortable divulging private intimacy issues. With insight into concerns that aren’t openly discussed, physicians may be able to identify market white spaces invisble to others."

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“The scrub has also helped rid my behind of some of the sweat-induced pimples that have been hanging out back there ever since summer weather set in, and it leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated that I don’t even need to follow it up with lotion. And for what it’s worth? The space between my cheeks has never felt so fresh or clean.”


“Digital educational materials from trusted sources have already begun to proliferate online. In June, Goldstein launched a new sex-care platform called Future Method, which provides educational blog posts (and also sells anal douches) in order to bring anal sexual awareness to a wider audience.”

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If you’re ready to get your booty backdoor-play ready, this is where you’re gonna want to start.

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Scientifically Developed Formulas

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Education at the forefront. For the gay community, and beyond.

Guide to Getting Started with Anal Cones

In the quest for fuller pleasure and safer sexual experiences, one device is revolutionizing playtime preparation and boosting pleasure. Let us take you on a journey from apprehension to appreciation — our Silicone Anal Cone is a total game changer for those looking to get more experience with anal stretching and training.

“The Talk” Survey: A Sex Education Map

Banishing Butt Acne & Scarring: Effective Strategies and Expert Tips


How does my Future Method subscription work? +

Easy! All you have to do is choose the “Subscribe & Save” option when shopping our Anal Douche Powder Packs, Disposable Rectal Wash, or Pre+Probiotic. Choose the delivery frequency that fits your schedule best, enter your shipping and billing information, and voilà! You’ll always be ready for whatever—and whomever—may come your way.

Are Future Method products available in retail stores? +

Yes, you can find a limited selection of our products in Hustler Hollywood stores nationwide, CULTUREEDIT / Tom of Finland Store online and in Los Angeles,,, Hotel Gaythering in Miami Beach, Bespoke Surgical in NYC, and The General Store in Fire Island Pines.

Can women use our products? +

Absolutely. The Future Method cleansing kit was designed for anyone with a butt.

Where do you ship? +

We currently only ship to the Contiguous United States. Unfortunately, we don't ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, or other international locations yet. If you live outside the Contiguous US, make sure you're signed up for our email list (you can subscribe through the footer of the site) so you can be the first to know when we launch internationally.

How can I get in touch with Future Method? +

You can reach us anytime via email at