How many rinses does each pouch provide?

Adam Baran

featuredh December 20, 2019

Each pouch provides you with two rinses, both of which are to be used in preparation before you play. Our reusable medical-grade, Sarolit™ bulb + tip is perfectly sized to be filled up by half the contents of the pouch, which means your pre-play ritual will look like this: fill up the bulb with half of the liquid, flush your booty, clean the tip, and then fill up the bulb with the remaining half of the liquid, flush your booty, and clean the tip. Most people are ready for whatever (and whoever) comes next, but some people prefer repeating these steps with a second pouch. It’s all a matter of preference. 
About the author

Adam Baran is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, writer, curator, nightlife mensch, and pleasure activist. He served as the NY Contributing Editor of celebrated queer publication BUTT Magazine for many years, wrote the first season of the hit gay webseries Hunting Season, and produced the upcoming Netflix documentary Circus of Books.


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