Why Is an Isotonic Solution Better for Douching?

Dr. Evan Goldstein

fundamentals June 17, 2019

Douching is ingrained in our culture as a pre-sex necessity for those on the receiving end. This mainly comes from an overwhelming fear that a mess may happen during sex. And we’ll be the first to say that if you’re going to engage in anal sex, you have to be ready–and accepting–that mess may happen. It’s perfectly normal and there is absolutely nothing wrong with or shameful about that. When it comes to methods, water may be safe to drink (generally speaking, of course), but it’s not a safe option for douching, whether it’s tap, bottled, or distilled. And store-bought enemas are no better. So, you may ask, what options do I have left? Short answer: isotonic solutions. But why? 

  • 90% of people use tap water to prepare for bottoming

  • Tap water (hypotonic) and store-bought enemas (hypertonic) cause significant cellular damage to cells inside your bottom

  • Isotonic solutions do not disrupt these cells—they simply rinse

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. Tap water is considered a ‘hypotonic’ (more dilute) solution, while an enema is a hypertonic (more concentrated) solution than your body's natural microbiome. This means they are on polar opposites of the spectrum of what is the normal concentration for your body, so both induce similar cellular destruction. 

So, where on the spectrum should your solution be? The answer: isotonic. It’s a state which allows for the free movement of water across a cell’s membrane, without changing the concentration of its solutes. 

When it comes to preparing, isotonic solutions are balanced: they don’t draw electrolytes from the body, nor draw water into the body. It lets your preparation truly cleanse, rather than stripping your butt of its essentials. 

Now that’s settled, you may now be asking yourself: what truly happens when I use non-substantiated products improperly?

By using ad-hoc methods and products, you’re causing damage, dehydration, and irritation to the cells within your rectum. You are then opening yourself up to higher instances of STD and HIV transmission, as well as other anal issues and injuries, like fissures.

Bottom Line

No one wants localized trauma or cellular dysfunction to occur, nor to be more susceptible to STIs. We only seek gentle cleansing with soothing capabilities to allow us the heightened experience we desire and deserve. That’s why Future Method’s Disposable Isotonic Rectal Wash is perfect for easy and worry-free prep.

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