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The most innovative wellness companies of 2021.

- Fast Company

“It seems only logical, then, that revamping anal douching for our wellness age would be the appropriate next step ... Enter Future Method, created by Dr. Evan Goldstein, who has become something of an anal authority through his New York practice, Bespoke Surgical, a proctology practice that focuses on sexual wellness for gay men.”

- GQ

"Entrepreneurs in the sexual health space are frequently doctors, and that makes sense. The doctor’s office might be only place many people feel comfortable divulging private intimacy issues. With insight into concerns that aren’t openly discussed, physicians may be able to identify market white spaces invisble to others."

- BeautyIndependent

“The scrub has also helped rid my behind of some of the sweat-induced pimples that have been hanging out back there ever since summer weather set in, and it leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated that I don’t even need to follow it up with lotion. And for what it’s worth? The space between my cheeks has never felt so fresh or clean.”


“Digital educational materials from trusted sources have already begun to proliferate online. In June, Goldstein launched a new sex-care platform called Future Method, which provides educational blog posts (and also sells anal douches) in order to bring anal sexual awareness to a wider audience.”

- Playboy