Can I use these products daily?

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kitp August 06, 2021

Butt + Body Cream: Yes. Enjoy a soft, silky layer each day to soothe and help keep skin’s moisture barrier reinforced—this will help skin retain moisture and keep out irritants.

Butt + Body Scrub: Yes, in fact it’s encouraged. Our skin naturally produces new skin cells daily, and older, duller cells can get stuck on the surface. By adding our scrub to your daily skincare routine, you are helping to remove dead cells, thus helping to reveal newer, smoother, younger skin.

Rectal Wash: Future Method supports how everyone engages sexually, whether that's daily, a few times weekly, monthly, or beyond. Regardless of frequency, our cleansing fluid’s isotonicity allows for regular use.  


Discover the cleansing solution for worry-free bottoming.

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