I’m new to bottoming. Why do I need to clean out, anyway?

Adam Baran

May 17, 2019

Anyone interested in bottoming can benefit from a quick rinse of their bum. When it comes to preparing for play, there are many different types of people, mostly those who seek the extra peace of mind against surprises and those who, no matter how much fiber their diet includes, never feel fully “empty” before they bottom. Residual feces can sometimes stick around, so a quick rinse with Future Method is an easy way to ensure that you enjoy maximum pleasure with no surprises.

About the author

Adam Baran is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, writer, curator, nightlife mensch, and pleasure activist. He served as the NY Contributing Editor of celebrated queer publication BUTT Magazine for many years, wrote the first season of the hit gay webseries Hunting Season, and produced the upcoming Netflix documentary Circus of Books.


Discover the cleansing solution for worry-free bottoming.

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