Tap Water vs Enemas: Everything You Need to Know

Dr. Evan Goldstein

fundamentals June 17, 2019

  • Using an isotonic solution is an effective way to cleanse your bottom

  • Tap water (hypotonic) and store-bought enemas (hypertonic) cause significant cellular damage to the cells in your butt

  • Store-bought enemas should only be used to relieve constipation or if instructed for medical reasons

Tap water or enema, what’s your pick? Though most think these two options are interchangeable, each have different uses and very different effects on your body.

What Are Enemas?

Store-bought enemas are meant to be used only a few times over the course of your life, if even at all. Their main purpose is to relieve constipation and prepare you for an examination or procedure, like a colonoscopy. Enemas work to draw out water in your bottom, softening its contents and assisting in the removal of waste. Though it’s a common misconception that enemas are an option to help you prepare for anal sex, its consistent use as a cleansing method has potentially dangerous results and can lead to dependency.

Are Store-bought Enemas Safe? Learn the Risks

The overuse of enemas can create serious health problems because enemas can cause dehydration. The use of store-bought enemas on a regular basis can lead to an electrolyte imbalance in the body called hyponatremia, where the blood becomes diluted and its salt content becomes lower than is healthy. Hyponatremia can cause muscle spasms and swelling of the brain.

Are There Better Alternatives to Store-Bought Enemas to Prepare for Play?

Alternatively, an isotonic cleansing solution can be used to internally rinse your bottom before (or after) the fun starts. This method tends to be the preferred practice in preparing to bottom. Unlike using unsubstantiated methods like tap water or store-bought enemas, regular rinsing with isotonic solutions doesn’t pose risky results or leave you vulnerable to STDs and other diseases.

If you want to learn more about isotonic solutions, check out our blog: The Future of Cleansing is Isotonicity.

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