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Dr. Evan Goldstein

fundamentals January 25, 2021

The motivation to develop a between-the-cheeks soothing cream emerged from the many local traumas our customers have experienced during their daily routines. Whether it’s regular bathroom use, exercise, backdoor fun, or a combination of all three, the pressures these activities exert on the delicate tissue down there can lead to considerable irritation—even tearing—resulting in the development of dilated veins or extra skin in extreme cases. Even if you don’t bottom, over wiping with toilet paper or misusing wet wipes can irritate the tissue in this tender, sensitive region of your body.


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Science is at the core of everything Future Method does. We use it to examine our bedroom practices, educate people on how to minimize potential issues, and develop products and judgement-free support for all genders and butt types.

That’s why a Butt + Body Soothing Cream was always part of our long term plan. Everyone has suffered at one time or another from dryness or irritation in our crack. For those who also engage in backdoor fun, lube, toys, condoms, and skin-on-skin contact can all create friction that has us looking for some soothing in the region.

Our goal was to create a start-to-finish system that delivers customized care for this delicate part of the body–filling a need for clients we knew had largely been ignored by the industry. What most people don’t realize is that proper post-play care is what allows us to keep the area happy, healthy, and ready for fun day, after day.

First, gently cleanse and smooth away dead skin to prep for skin conditioning. Future Method Butt & Body Scrub delivers safe exfoliation, skin softeners, and antioxidant-rich ingredients to pave the way. Next, soothe and replenish essential hydration. Butt & Body Soothing Cream restores skin to a perfect balance with softening shea butters and botanical extracts for a comfy feeling—especially post-play. Most importantly, it’s residue-free and quick drying so that your partner need not wade through the nefarious and often-feared swampy bum. We’ve visited, and we don’t recommend the trip to anyone.

Unless you live in a nudist colony, the skin in this area is typically covered by clothing, trapping excess moisture and increasing your susceptibility to an adversely altered microbiome. When we formulated our Butt & Body Soothing Cream, we kept top of mind that it must soothe and moisturize without leaving the skin feeling oily, greasy, or excessively moisturized. We also thought, how can we deliver a more pleasurable experience for bottoms and bottom lovers?? So we added a lighter touch of our signature scent, which can also be found in our Butt & Body Scrub. Though we intended the soothing cream for post-play moisturizing between your cheeks, we soon realized customers would love it as an all-over treatment. It’s safe to use on your other areas (with the exception of your other intimate parts), and we encourage you to use it on legs, toes, and everything in buttween.

We are beyond excited to continue developing products that support all communities, whether that’s before the fun or after it’s over. Interested in more booty breakthroughs? Follow us on instagram @thefuturemethod and tell us about the needs your bum wants fulfilled next.

About the author

Dr. Evan Goldstein is the Co-Founder of Future Method and the Founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical, the leading private practice in health and wellness for gay men. He received his MD from the University of Medicine and Dentistry School of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Goldstein is the go-to butt and bottoming expert, having been published in Huffington Post, Men’s Health, Healthline, and more. Learn about Dr. Goldstein by visiting his practice,


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